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Budapest - Szentendre - Törökbálint

Outdoor and indoor locations.
Pre-reservation is required!
Stag party, team-building.
We organize transfer on demand.

1., 1224 Budapest Bartók Béla út 179. - outdoor- indoor
2., 1223 Budapest Aszály utca 32. - 5 fields underground
3., 2000 Szentendre Dózsa György út 32. - ex army base 8 different fields incl. huge buildings
4., 2045 Törökbálint Hegyalja u. - Anna Tanya - 3 indoor fields
5., Matko Airfield - Kecskemet -  2 fields outdoor

PAINTBALL package 
5900 HUF/person  

One organizer plays for free with 200 balls.

4 hours game with the guns and all the safety equipments and with 200 balls per person.
Extra balls are  1500 HUF/ 100 pcs

15000 HUF/person
4 hours game with the guns and all the safety equipments and with 1000 balls per person.
Extra balls are 1500 HUF/ 100 pcs

AIRSOFT package:
6500 HUF/person

4 hours game with guns and all the safety equipments and with 1000 balls  per person.
Overalls rental +500 HUF/pcs. Extra balls  200 HUF/ 100pcs.

One organiser plays for free with 1000 balls.


4500 HUF/person

3 hours game with all the equipments. Indoor or outdoor.
Overall rental +500 HUF/pcs

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Ideal for Stag parties and taem buildings.  
Indoor and outdoor location Budapest.
We organize transfers on demand.

At Budapest on open-air, woodsball and indoor fields. 

4 open-air fields with wooden, speed and trench sections, plus a 7500 sqm indoor underground system with a constant temperature of 15 Celsius degrees even in the winter time! 
You can play day or night summer or winter time. 

We are VAT-free. We can issue an invoice for paintball / airsoft games or sports event organizing. 

For organizers with a team of more than 12 people we offer free equipment for the organizer and give 200 (in case of airsoft game 1000) pieces of bullet for him as a gift! 
(if you on a stag party, all of the players get a free beer)


AIRSOFT is a paintball-like action game without mask water vapor and pain.

The airsoft players fought with life-like weapons, in wooden or in-built areas.

The weapons are shooting biodegradable small plastic-like balls. Against paintball, there will be no paint marks here, and in a hit there is a pinch the player feels.

Various tasks must be performed in the game, such as getting the opponent's flag or releasing a hostage. The game is also fun for kids and ladies.

The bullets do not leave prints, so the players must point the hit. Airsoft is based on honesty and fairness of the participants – rather a serious hobby, but also race and competition.

Eye and face protection is obligatory during the game!

Booking in advance is required for the games!

Paintball prices
Equipment rental: 3500 HUF/person  
Balls: 1200 HUF/100 pieces  

Paintball package
Equipment rental with 200 balls per person is 5900 HUF/person
Extra balls 1200 HUF/ pcs

Equipment rental with 1000 balls per person is 12 000 HUF/person
Extra balls 1200 HUF/ pcs

Airsoft prices
Equipment rental: 4500 HUF/person 
Balls: 200 HUF/100 pieces 
Overall rental +500 HUF/ pcs

Airsoft package
Equipment rental with 1000 balls per person is 6500 HUF/person
Extra balls 200 HUF/ 100 pcs

For Team building/training price quote shall be request in written

Outdoor fields with forrest and buildings

Indoor fields for summer and winter


Nyílt és fedett pályák
Akció Paintball Budapest
Bartók Béla út 179.

Csak fedett pályák
Akció Paintball Budapest
Aszály utca 32.

Nyílt és fedett pályák
Akció Paintball Szentednre
Dózsa György út 32.

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